Wisdom L7 with Nvidia Orin X chip prototype unveiled

2021-09-27 13:38

A few days ago, Zhiji Motors showed off the NVIDIA Orin X chip prototype. This is the first appearance of the chip prototype. It will be integrated on the Zhiji Automobile’s IM AD intelligent driving ECU module.


NVIDIA Orin X chip adopts brand-new NVIDIA GPU and 12-core ARM CPU, made of 7nm process, single-chip computing capacity is up to 254 TOPS per second. It is at the top level among the current mass-produced automotive-grade AI chips. It is reported that the single-chip computing power of this chip is about 10 times that of Mobileye's latest EyeQ5 and 3.5 times that of Tesla's HW3.0.

智己汽车 智己L7 2021款 天使轮版

智己汽车 智己L7 2021款 天使轮版

Zhiji Auto's IM AD intelligent driving system will be applied to the already released Zhiji L7 (parameter|inquiry). It contains 32 high-performance sensing hardware. In addition to the above-mentioned NVIDIA Orin X chip, there will be 12 high-performance sensors. Precision cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, military-grade ultra-high-precision inertial navigation, high-precision maps, and V2X vehicle-end technology. It can realize the functions of remote control car transfer, memory parking, valet parking, traffic light start and stop, pilot assistance, super assisted driving and so on.

智己汽车 智己L7 2021款 天使轮版

The angel wheel version of this car will be delivered to users in the first half of 2022. It is equipped with a dual-motor system. The permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front axle has a maximum power of 175kW, while the permanent magnet synchronous motor on the rear axle has a maximum power of 250kW. In addition, the car is equipped with 93kWh ternary lithium battery as standard, with a cruising range (unknown working conditions) up to 615km.